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Pilates at Better Humans Therapies

5 exercises for people who sit at desks all day

If you’re one of the many people in the UK who sit at their desk for over 5.5 hours each day, you’ll very likely need some specific exercises to help release some of the muscular tension this will inevitably create. One of our Physios has recorded a set of exercises that are really simple for […]

by Emma Collingwood • 30th October 2018
Pilates session 1:1 with a Physio

Pilates Explained: Group and one to one pilates in Edinburgh

Think Pilates is the latest fad? Pilates has been around since 1920’s. It’s an exercise method that was developed by, and named after, its founder Joseph Pilates. He was a personal trainer who worked with soldiers returning from the war, and classically trained ballet dancers. Ahead of his time, Joseph Pilates realised that spending long […]

by Catriona Dourish • 7th November 2017
Physio Rehab

Post Injury Rehabilitation Edinburgh

Rehabilitation Rehabilitation is a key part of your overall Physiotherapy treatment. Initially, treatment will start with manual therapy to correct alignment issues, offload muscle tension and reduce any neural tension. Once this has been achieved, rehabilitation exercises are essential to maintain these changes created through your physiotherapy treatment. You’ll also improve your flexibility, movement and […]

by Catriona Dourish • 5th September 2017
Better Physio Treatment Postural Analysis

Postural Analysis Assessment Edinburgh

We can tell a lot from your posture An important part of your Physiotherapy assessment starts with postural analysis. There are various different types of postures that we, as individuals, adopt. These include; sway back, lordotic, kyphotic and forward head postures. We look at your body position – where your head sits, the level of […]

by Catriona Dourish • 5th September 2017
Better Physio Treatment Dry Needling

Dry Needling for muscle release in Edinburgh

Dry needling for effective muscle release in our Edinburgh treatment centre Dry Needling is a form of myofascial trigger point release using small needles, similar to acupuncture needles. However, it is based on a different approach to acupuncture. Dry needling is based on the principles of trigger point release and neuromuscular release, which comes from […]

by Catriona Dourish • 5th September 2017
Better Humans Edinburgh Remedial and Sports Massage

Soft Tissue Massage Edinburgh

Fast and effective pain relief from soft tissue massage As the name suggests, soft tissue massage works on applying pressure over ‘soft’ structures in the body, rather than hard surfaces such as bone. These soft structures include muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia. Soft tissue massage is a well-known and frequently used technique due to it’s […]

by Catriona Dourish • 5th September 2017
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Joint Manipulation Therapy Edinburgh

Hands-on joint manipulation therapy Joint Manipulation is a hands-on, passive technique applied to the joints in your body. This can be applied to any joints, often the back and neck. Manipulation is a high-velocity technique and helps to reduce pressure within the joint.  Pain associated with this issue can quickly be relieved by reducing stiffness […]

by Vicky Anderson • 5th September 2017
Better Physio Treatment Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Hands-on Physiotherapy Treatment to relieve joint pain and stiffness to bring pain relief. Manual therapy is the practice of ‘hands-on’ techniques used by Physiotherapists. These include joint mobilisations, passive stretches and soft tissue release to move and create change in joints, muscles, tendons and fascia. It is used to improve range of movement, increase flexibility, reduce […]

by Catriona Dourish • 10th August 2017