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Better Humans Edinburgh Remedial and Sports Massage
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Better Humans Edinburgh Remedial and Sports Massage
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Better Humans Edinburgh Remedial and Sports Massage
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Our massage therapy studio is conveniently located in Edinburgh, with good transportation links to the city centre. We use a tailored approach, discussing and assessing your posture before using massage therapy as a treatment specifically for the areas of your body that you need.

How can massage therapy help? Tension in our muscles builds up over time, for various reasons such as; the way we stand, the way we sit, the sports or activities we do, and our response to stress. By releasing muscles with massage, we can relieve pressure on your joints, helping to realign and re-balance your body.  We will advise you on the types of stretches, exercises or lifestyle changes you will benefit  from to prevent these muscles from following the same pattern and becoming imbalanced again.

We also work closely with our Physiotherapists to find the best outcome for you. Regular massage sessions are an excellent method of long-term maintenance for your body. 

Visit our studio at Mortonhall in Edinburgh, book onlineor call us on 0131 357 4567 for more info.

The benefits

Massage therapy is widely known as a way of releasing tension in muscles and promoting relaxation associated with high levels of stress, which affects our immune system, making our body more vulnerable to injury. There are various other benefits such as; improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, easing pain and improving your posture and sleep.

What to expect

Massage therapy is a hands-on approach, with varying pressures applied to your muscles and other soft tissues. We will ask you to remove your clothes where necessary. Our massage therapists can also use dry-needling, taping and exercise to help you get the most from your session, as well as giving you better long-term results.

Maintain your body

Massage will relieve tension in areas of your body, promoting better posture and balance. However, when you return to your usual posture, sitting position, activities or sports, your body can be again become overworked. That’s why stretches and exercise, such as Pilates and yoga, are really beneficial in helping you maintain your body’s alignment.

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