Hands-on joint manipulation therapy

Joint Manipulation is a hands-on, passive technique applied to the joints in your body. This can be applied to any joints, often the back and neck. Manipulation is a high-velocity technique and helps to reduce pressure within the joint.  Pain associated with this issue can quickly be relieved by reducing stiffness and essentially unlocking your joints. You will often feel a click or pop with this technique as it affects the joint and it’s mobility.

Manipulation frees up mobility and restores the movement that was lacking. Muscles, tendons, ligament and fascia that are linked to the specific joint are also affected. These are treated with a combination of soft tissue release, trigger point release, passive stretches and rehabilitation.  This will prevent joints from becoming stiff again and give you the best overall outcome.


Why do joints become stiff? 

It is common for particular joints to become stiff when we spend hours in prolonged postures. These include; sitting, driving, using a computer and reading from a table or phone. Muscles will become tight often leading to pain if the stiffness persists.  Manipulating the joint is only the first step. This will help relieve the pain, but it’s important that you understand what has led to this joint stiffness. Pain and stiffness can recur if you return to the same postures without changing your body alignment.  It’s important therefore to create better balance by strengthening the weak areas and stretching any tight areas. Your physiotherapist will advise you on simple lifestyle changes you can make to prevent recurrence, and keep you pain-free.

Joint manipulation is only applied by a qualified Physiotherapist. They’ll assess the need for this treatment and discuss any side effects with you.

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in joint manipulation and use this as part of their treatment approach. Here at Better Humans Therapies in Edinburgh, our therapists combine joint manipulation with soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling and exercise for a better outcome.

To book a joint manipulation therapy session, stop by our Mortonhall treatment centre, or call us on 0131 357 4567.