We can tell a lot from your posture

An important part of your Physiotherapy assessment starts with postural analysis. There are various different types of postures that we, as individuals, adopt. These include; sway back, lordotic, kyphotic and forward head postures. We look at your body position – where your head sits, the level of your shoulders, ribs, pelvis and lower limbs. We also look for any muscles that are working too hard, or not working hard enough in your current posture.

Is my injury related to my posture?

Having a ‘good’ or optimal posture allows forces and load to be spread evenly and efficiently through your body. A posture which is non-optimal affects the load that travels through your body. This can make you susceptible to different types of injuries. For example, overloading of tendons such as the Achilles tendon, or degeneration of our vertebrae at various levels. Some postures make us more likely to develop low back pain, while others will lead to neck pain, upper limb or lower limb pain. That’s why your posture can tell us a lot about an injury, or ways that your posture may be making you susceptible to damage in certain areas of your body.

An important part of our job as Physiotherapists is to help advise you on injury prevention. This allows you to work towards maintaining a healthy body. We can use manual therapy techniques, rehabilitation and advice to treat any injury and optimise your posture. to prevent further wear and tear or injury. This will give you the confidence to adapt your lifestyle or add in specific exercises.  All of these changes will help you keep your body as healthy as possible in the long run.

Ideally, we want to prevent you from having an injury in the first place, that’s why we offer a BODY CHECK-UP  session with our Physios, so we can address any postural issues and work hard to prevent you from having an injury before it occurs.

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