Rehabilitation is a key part of your overall Physiotherapy treatment. Initially, treatment will start with manual therapy to correct alignment issues, offload muscle tension and reduce any neural tension. Once this has been achieved, rehabilitation exercises are essential to maintain these changes created through your physiotherapy treatment. You’ll also improve your flexibility, movement and strength to maintain good alignment and importantly, prevent further injury.

So what does it involve?

Rehabilitation involves a structured, progressive exercise programme which will modify and maintain postural alignment, movement and strength. The programme will focus on specific goals, unique to you and your lifestyle. We’ll help you to safely return to the activities you may have had to stop due to injury. The goal is to get you back to your chosen lifestyle, and enable you to go on with the activities you enjoy. Most importantly, without recurrent injury!

So, for example, if you have a shoulder injury after playing tennis, we’ll initially focus on the muscles affected. However, we’ll also look at your body as a whole, to establish the reason for the overloading of particular muscles.  You may start with stiffness in your upper back and lack of rotation. This can lead to overloading of your shoulder muscles when you move your arm overhead.

How long will my programme last?

The best part about a rehabilitation programme is that you can work through these programmes at home, the gym, or anywhere you choose. Usually rehab programmes will last 6 – 8 weeks initially. After a review with your physiotherapist they will modify and extend your programme. Often, after an injury you learn many things about your body alignment that you may not have ever been aware of. We’ll give you tips about the best types of exercises for you to add into your lifestyle, to help prevent injuries and address longer-term postural issues. At Better Humans Therapies, we often recommend Pilates exercises as the most effective way to improve core strength and postural alignment. We will help to protect you from further injury and enable you to be the best version of you!

Our highly experienced team of dedicated specialists are driven by a genuine passion for helping you feel, think and do better. Better Humans Therapies offers leading post-injury rehabilitation in Edinburgh. Enquire today to book your session!