Victoria is a highly experienced Physiotherapist, priding herself on high standards of assessment, diagnosis and treatment abilities.  She uses the Integrated Systems Model for disability and Pain (ISM); Lee and Lee 2011, to treat the whole person.

Victoria is passionate about delivering the highest quality of care to every individual she meets and has learned that to do this there has to be a sophisticated blend of physical and mental support.  She graduated as a Physiotherapist from Cardiff University in early 2005, gaining the clinical excellence award.  Prior to this she completed a BSc in Biological Sciences with Honours in Anatomical Sciences at Edinburgh University, and has continued with extensive training ever since.

Her previous experience includes an award-winning back-pain pathway algorithm for NHS Wales to improve treatment outcomes by getting patients to the right practitioner for the right treatment at the right time. In her career, Victoria has completed training in a variety of areas including advanced physiotherapy practice, Manipulation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM), Dry Needling, Acupuncture, NLP, mentoring and was clinical educator for Cardiff Uni. As the former CEO of The Physio Centre in Edinburgh & Glasgow, Victoria led a team of 28 people, juggling the demands of running a busy business with oversight of patient’s clinical care. She has since started her own digital health company ‘Better Humans’ with business partner Emma Collingwood – a company dedicated help people feel better, think better and do better. This business is supported by ‘Better Physio’ which provides expert and compassionate physiotherapy in her local area and via web-chat.

As a self-confessed science geek, Victoria sees the potential in using digital technology to create a new integrated physiotherapy experience.



Manual Therapy,
Dry needling,
Musculoskeletal Dysfunction,
Spinal/ Pelvic Dysfunction,
Development of assessment and treatment pathways,
Innovation of technology in Healthcare